Salinger’s Cafe Bees

If you have ever been to the historic Salinger’s Cafe in Great Western you would know about the famous beehive there. Safely behind perspex, you can come and watch these busy bees at work bringing in pollen to the hive and making delicious honey. These bees are very lucky to have one of Australia’s most…

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Seasonal “Bee-Keeping” at the cafe

A little bit of “Bee-Keeping” happened in the Salinger hives today, getting those busy bees sorted for another season. The Salinger Hives are very popular with our visitors, who can watch the busy bees safely behind Perspex as they look after their Queen and make honey.These bees are very lucky to have one of Australia’s…

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The Salinger’s Cafe Building History

The Salinger’s Cafe building has a long history in Great Western, with Emmanuel Salinger building the original wooden General Store on the site in 1862. In 1899 the original wooden building, known as The Hermitage, was moved back to make way for a new brick General Store and residence. In November 1899, Mr Salinger opened…

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